Welcome To The City of Bryan, Ohio


Douglas G. Johnson

Mayor's Office
1399 East High Street
P.O. Box 190
Bryan, Ohio 43506





Douglas “Doug” G. Johnson was elected to the position of Mayor of the City of Bryan in November 2001, taking office January of 2002.

A long time Bryan resident, Doug graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Education from Bowling Green State University, A Master of Education from the University of Toledo, and obtained a Specialist Degree in Educational Administration from the University of Toledo.
Before seeking the office of Mayor, Doug spent 34 years in education, including 15 years as Superintendent at Central Local Schools, 5 years as Assistant Principal, Athletic Director, and 10 years Principal at Bryan High School. He also managed Gorny Winzeler Store in Bryan for three years gaining experience in business/retail. Doug is also a past President of the Chamber of Commerce.

Mayor Doug Johnson is on the Board of Directors of the Ohio Municipal Electric Assoc., a member of North West Ohio Mayors Assoc., Ohio Assoc. of School Principals, Williams County Workforce Invest Act Board, Buckeye Assoc. of School Administrators, Ohio Municipal League Board, Board of Directors of Maumee Valley Planning Board, and the WEDCO Board.

Doug and his wife Donna are the parents of three daughters, Dawn (Tim) Smith, Dana (Bryan) Pyles and Denyse Johnson. They have six grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Doug and his wife Donna are members of the Trinity Lutheran Church in Bryan.


Garage Sale - Garage sales are allowed in the City of Bryan twice a year for a period of three days each time. Permits are $1.00 and may be obtained from the Mayor’s Office from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., from Parks & Recreation Department from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and anytime from the Police Department. (See Codified Ordinance of the City of Bryan 793.03)

Solicitor - Door to door sales in the City of Bryan requires a permit which is obtained from the Mayor's office. The permit requires a police background check and approval by the Mayor. The soliciting (door to door sales) is allowed only during daylight hours, through the weekdays. Permits are $25.00 per month for each person going door to door. (See Codified Ordinance of the City of Bryan 753.02)

Transient Business -Temporary or transient business in the City of Bryan that sell or buy goods are required to obtain a permit from the Mayor's office.. The cost of the permit is $25.00 per day. This permit also requires a police background check and approval by the Mayor. (See Codified Ordinance of the City of Bryan 773.02)

Agenda - Bryan City Council meets the first and third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Bryan City Council Chambers. Items to be placed on the Agenda are first submitted to the Mayor’s Office where they are prepared for the council meeting and placed on the Agenda..

 Amusement Device - Mechanical amusement devices in any store, restaurant, tavern or club must obtain a license from the Mayor’s Office. A charge to the business is $10.00 per device and the license is renewable annually. (See Codified Ordinance of the City of Bryan 733.02)




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